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Sunday, May 14, 2006

Its Mother's Day!

And I hope each of you have called your Mother to tell her you love her, if you can. I avoided the rush and called my Mom last night. Today is the busiest phone traffic day of the year, (try to keep up, NSA!) and there's a 2 hour difference between Mom and me, and I knew she would be in church a time or two, so I called on Saturday and beat all my brothers to the punch! The flowers I ordered arrived on time too.

Mom is good and Grandma too. As usual, there is always plenty going on around their house to keep everybody occupied. Mom says there is at least 3, and often 6 people around for lunch every day! I really think things have worked out so well for Mom and Grandma, since there is family around all the time and nearly every one of them likes and enjoys the other's company. Mom keeps busy managing the church kitchen and overseeing meal preparations for the many functions there. She is ram-rodding a meal for an ANG serviceman's memorial service dinner on Monday and preparing food for 200 people.

In spite of all my faults and failings throughout my life, I am a product of a Mother's love and I am very thankful for that unfailing devotion. My Mom got me off in the world with a firm knowledge of right and wrong, the value of honesty and fair play and hard work. Mom has prayed for me and my family throughout every difficult time, suffered when we were hurting and rejoiced when we were successful. I know that she lifts each of her children and grandchildren into God's view through her prayers, and for that I am unspeakably greatful.

Thanks, Mom.

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